​Marco Houthuijzen

I offer service by meeting the customer's needs. My super powers are authenticity, listening and inspiration.

"Customer Service is not a department. It is an attitude."

Each customer contact offers you the opportunity to renew and widen the relationship.

Only when you listen to and know your customer's needs and expectations, you can offer the products/services they need and exceed their expectations.

By turning your customer-oriented (= inside-out) company into a customer driven (= outside in) one.

The train

First I jump on the moving train called "Customer Service" (or "Contactcenter") to learn everything there is to know about the purpose, speed, direction and goal of it.
Then I'll start to remove the rubble and branches from the tracks in front of the train, so the trip will become easier and more pleasant. Meanwhile I'll take care of the train driver, the railway guard, the passengers and -last but not least- the Railway Company.

The next steps are alligning all processes and procedures to allow the train to arrive and leave as scheduled (service level agreements/KPIs), to improve the travel experience, to modernize the train (inside out) and meet and exceed the passenger's and Railway Company's expectations. 
Questions, requests, complaints and suggestions are used to continuously improve the customer experience. 

Travelers will enjoy the first class experience for economy class prices, they love to pay for the tickets and the offered coffee, tea and cookies, they will bring their colleagues, family and friends to travel along with them. The Railway Company to grow.

The train drivers, railway guards, train station shop keepers and the Railway Company's management will be at least as happy as the passengers are.
So the Railway Company will invest in more and even better train tracks, in more and even better trains and in more and even better passenger experiences.

"Customer Service is not a department. It is a train."

Contact info

✉ marco.houthuijzen [at] ☎: +31(0)6 360 630 73

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