​​Pierrette (Ashcroft) Abeel

Want to Find Your Focus? I'll Show You How to Work Smarter With Productivity Techniques, Evernote & Strategic Workflows

What do the flying trapeze, a jewelry artist and museums have in common?

I've worked with them all, and the skills I learned in my previous jobs have made me the productivity and organizing expert I am today. I've been organizing all my life, only now I get paid to help others find their focus.

I spent more than 20 years running my own businesses and living the struggle of working seven days a week with no vacation. Finally, I said "enough" and decided to work smarter, not longer.

I bring that decision, coupled with everything I've learned about time management and setting priorities to my clients. I take 8 weeks of vacation each year, and I move my clients to that level or to wherever they want to be in their business and personal life.

Who do you know who also wants to say "Enough" and live and work an organized life with plenty of time for fun? Send them to me. I can help them get there too!

Specialties: Time management, productivity, paper management, and electronic document management.

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