Lee Tucker

Business Development Manager at Envision

I work with companies helping them elevate and transform their customer care with solutions for the chronic pain points and daily challenges found in contact center operations. By employing a consultative approach and through the use of relevant and meaningful technology solutions, I help companies do the following:

✔ Improve the Customer Experience 
✔ Save Time
✔ Increase Efficiency
✔ Increase Staff Productivity
✔ Increase Profitability
✔ Decrease Technology Caused Headaches and Frustrations
✔ Ultimately Preserve Capital and Streamline Overall Cost to Company

Envision elevates contact center effectiveness by coaching and managing agents to peak performance. Envision Quality MonitoringTM provides industry-leading coaching capabilities and improves efficiency with powerful monitoring and evaluation tools.

Contact info

Contact me today: ☎ 781-572-7820 | ✉

Abraham Venismach

Your CX Success Summit Host & Producer