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Jim’s mentors: Dr. Shay McConnen has a program called, An Even Better Place to Work, great for employee engagement and culture building.

MHS on Emotional Intelligence


​​​Jim Rembach

I help Organizations and Contact Centers to win in customer retention and acquisition faster without wasting all of their money on gimmicks.

My wife (of 24 years) tells folks that I would be the stay at home parent because I am more nurturing. But I'm also the one that tenaciously pulls all-nighters because of a problem that I need to fix.

I love helping people. So if you’ve got a big problem you need a hand with, feel free to contact me directly using my info in the contact tab or at

I am that self-motivated person that refuses to give in or give up. I seek to achieve, overcome and adapt in an effort to move forward. I know that winning is an outcome of my quality of work and my effort.

I invest in trying to improve my knowledge and skills in contact centers, customer experience, employee engagement, leadership development, marketing, modern-day selling, and emotional intelligence.

Besides my brothers calling me bonehead (I gotta love them) others have described me as innovative, creative, resourceful, analytical, helpful, insightful, action-minded, and experienced. I leverage my experience to help clients, colleagues, and friends. It feeds my spirit.

I have been elected to several not-for-profit and for-profit boards due to my ability to think strategically and implement tactically. I have been told that my unique skills and experiences are the reason that I stand out from the rest.

Specialties: Chief Customer Experience Officer, Account Management, Social Selling, Employee Engagement, Emotional Intelligence, Customer Experience Expert (CXPA), Customer Engagement, Leadership Development, Contact Center Operations, Business Intelligence, Customer Experience Strategy, Customer segmentation, Voice of the Customer, Multi-channel strategy, Content Marketing, Marketing Automation, Customer lifetime value strategy, Inbound Marketing, Business Development, Question Based Selling, Social Media, Social Customer Service, Speech Analytics, Text Analytics, Quality Monitoring, Analytics Outsourcing, Business Intelligence, Ethical Persuasion and Influence.

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