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Epic Virtual Summits are one of the most effective lead generation tools today

By Abraham Venismach, Epic Virtual Summit Organizer & Producer

An epic virtual summit is a collaborative online event. There is a host and usually a collection of 25+  experts giving pre-recorded presentations delivered over a 5-10 day period. We call them "Expert Sessions" and "Masterclasses"

It's free for a limited time and for those that want unlimited access they can buy an All Access Pass. (Helps reduce the cost per lead!)


This type of event is a powerful marketing tool.

There are many benefits to hosting a summit and here are 9 of the most important ones.

  1. Visibility: Get exposure and gain traction for your business
  2. Influencer Relationships: Create Quality Relationships with Influencers In Your Niche
  3. Audience: Reach New People In Your Target Market With Summit Content
  4. List Building: Lead Generation on Steroids - More leads faster. Build a Targeted Email List of People Who Are Interested In Your Topic
  5. Authority: Establish Yourself as a Go-To Expert In Your Niche
  6. Customers: Create Raving Fans Who Convert to Loyal Customers
  7. Revenue: Generate Revenue to Increase Your Income
  8. CPL reduced: Leverage Communities and Lists of Others and the Selling of All Access Passes
  9. Content Creation: Endless fresh Up to Date, Relevant Content with Less Work

Which of these benefits are the most important for you?

Is it getting harder to get good leads and it’s time consuming?

How about getting enough fresh and engaging content in front of a lot of people for lead generation and having enough epic content to continue nurturing your leads for conversion?

The Virtual Summit Model will get anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000+ targeted leads rapidly (you'll even be surprised how fast you can grow your list by hosting a virtual summit…)

Part of the secret is you will get in front of already existing audiences by having your speakers promote your summit so you can get even more of opt-ins (accelerated hyper growth), which will also a recipe for reducing your CPL.

Virtual summits generate tons of epic relevant content that can be re-purposed saving you a load of time.

Here are some ways that you can re-purpose your summit content: 

  • Podcast episodes
  • YouTube videos
  • Blog posts
  • Guest posts
  • Email
  • Infographics
  • Webinars
  • Infographics
  • SlideShare presentations
  • Ebook
  • Lead magnets
  • Epic guides

You can also use your summit as a bonus for your other products or affiliate promotions or create a membership site based on the summit for recurring revenue.

Here are 5 benefits to you personally:

  1. Impact: Expand your ability to change people’s lives
  2. Relationships: Create connection with influencers, affiliates, and your audience)
  3. Market Domination: Take the leadership role in your industry
  4. Massive Value: You are creating something of qhttp://thrive.cxsuccesssummit.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Te-Advertising-Design-Process.pdfuality that will help many people
  5. Fun: Running a successful summit is a huge rush!)

Here our own summit we put on recently: CX Success Summit   (It's set up on Evergreen mode. This means it's still working after the actual event with little or no maintenance.) 

It was fantastic! We brought in over 1000 leads and had a 3.50% conversion for an All Access Pass.  We have tons of content and lots of new solid relationships. The summit is on Autopilot now and we are gearing up for the next phase.

Another incredible benefit we discovered was the cost per lead was reduced to more than half!

Because it went so well and we know how to produce Epic Virtual Summits, we are now offering Epic Virtual Summit production as a service for others.

Check this out:

4 Ways Virtual Summits Pay for themselves & Get You AWESOME LEADS!

Want me to help you produce an Epic Virtual Summit? Feel free to contact me:  abraham@epicvirtualsummits.com


Abraham Venismach

Epic Virtual Events Organizer & Producer

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Epic Virtual Summits Drive Attendance to Face to Face Events

From PCMA, Professional Convention Management Association (I used to carry their DES certification.)


Their complimentary event strategy was working as a development prong to help fill PCMA’s prospect/customer pipeline. The Global presence was growing by providing a low-risk entry point to participate with PCMA, validated by an increase of countries represented each subsequent year. They also validated PCMA’s original vision that digital events compliment F2F events and do not cannibalize. And finally, that for PCMA, digital events are a long-term strategy with the ability to create significant impact on the organization’s engagement strategy.

Where is the proof?

From 2011–2016 their hybrid and rebroadcast events have brought PCMA 3,933 new prospects and more than $1,000,000

incremental dollars to the organization.

Here is the breakdown of dollars:

  • Participants that were motivated to attend a future face-to-face event.

  • Participants that were motivated to become a new member of PCMA.

  • These same participants continued to engage and renew their membership.

  • Participants later made a decision to purchase a PCMA onlineproduct.

Epic Virtual Events Productions 2019

My wife and I on a beer tasting date gearing up for our next Epic Virtual Summit... The Homebrewing Summit

Want me to help you produce an Epic Virtual Summit?

Feel free to contact me:  abraham@epicvirtualsummits.com