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Noah Fleming

I help 2M-2B+ companies create long-term, sustainable, highly profitable customer relationships. Author.

We drive revenue for our clients by helping them maximize the value of every customer.

Throw a rock in any town or city, and you’ll hit four consultants who promise that they can help you get more customers. The brutal truth is that not only is getting new customers fairly easy, it’s often actually harmful.

The truth of almost every business is that creating, nurturing, and ultimately profiting from a relationship with your customers is much harder, and much more valuable, and the process starts before your prospects ever talk to a representative of your company.

Having worked with companies from $2M – $5B in annual revenue, I show my clients how to find the most relevant leverage points to create lasting positive change in companies of any size.

If you want to discover a goldmine of profits hiding inside of your business, and then add them straight to your bottom line, give me a call.

I'm also the author of the Amazon #1 bestselling book in the categories of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service – EVERGREEN: Cultivate The Enduring Customer Loyalty That Keeps Your Business Thriving, THE CUSTOMER LOYALTY LOOP The Science Behind Creating Great Experiences and Lasting Impressions, and the forthcoming book, DEALING WITH DIFFICULT CUSTOMERS.

Bottom line … since 2005 I've been the trusted source for coaching and consulting to thousands of business owners, executives, and individuals looking to dramatically grow their businesses, leveraging the hidden assets they already have in place.

Let's discuss what I can do for you.

Typical Client Results Include:
- Increased Profits & Revenues
- Improved Customer Retention
- Reduced Customer Acquisition Costs
- Greater Marketing ROI
- Enhanced Customer Loyalty
- Dramatically Increased Customer Value
- Profitable Product & Business Launches
- Reduced Stress for Executives

Want to learn more about working with us? Shoot me an email. 

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