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What if you knew what is was like to be your customer? How would that change your processes? Develop your systems? Improve your people? Its hard to be nervous when your heart is in service. Undercover Customer Experience 



Kristen Hartnagel

Sr. Consultant/Speaker/Trainer/Coach/Leadership Expert/Retreat Facilitator

Kristen Hartnagel is a certified Infinite Possibilities trainer and expert at shaping culture, increasing engagement and elevating team dynamics. With the experience of thousands of worldwide audiences, she inspires behavioral change with her truly unique positive message music and keynote concerts. Her passion lies with helping individuals harness the power of purpose and working with businesses to establish their core values and vision to become a company on a mission. / 616-550-6329

Patricio "Pat" Porras

Corporate Trainer and Consultant at Southwestern Consulting

I work with local, regional and national organizations to help them create systems for their sales & service forces. Whether it be leadership training, online activity management programs, Sales & Customer Xperience training/coaching or creating custom sales talks we customize each program offering to our clients individual needs.

In addition to consulting and training, we also offer services to help your organization find keynote speakers for your annual events, tradeshows and awards ceremonies. +1.201.803.7958

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Abraham Venismach

Your CX Success Summit Host & Producer