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Raul Guillermo Amigo

CX Crafter, Speaker, Author of the book "Beyond Customer Experience"

Raúl Guillermo AMIGO CEO & Founder UMUNTU CX expert, developer of the Methodology of Brand Experience Measurement. 20 years working with some of the most admired companies in the world as Oracle, Samsung, Movistar, HTC , Beats and Microsoft among others. Author of 2 books, and writing its third “Beyond Customer Experience” for LID Publishers, Madrid. Former Senior executive of multinationals companies, founder of 2 Global Marketing agencies. International Conferencist. Key note speaker at the DMA 2012 & 2013 Guest lecturer at Universities around the Globe. MBA in International Business at Universitat de Lleida, Spain, Based in Miami, Fl.

Experience is the story we tell ourselves. For many years I have been studying the way people asign meaning to the experiences they live every day.

When I finally figured it out, I realized a few upper mental processes were the Golden bridge that will connect Brands with their audiences in an unique and unforgetable way.

Experience is not what it actually happened. It is what we remember of what happened. So how do we build memories? How our past influences over our current decisions.

Meaning, memories and the way we learn are the key factors to understand and to manage Brand experiences.

In UMUNTU we create programs that help companies around the globe to decode the CX genoma and to turn it into the most profitable source of revenues.

Our company tries to represent the ultimate expression of how marketing has shift back to the basis: Making your customers world, somehow, a better place.

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