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  • How to take your Customer Experience to the next level
  • Getting Your Employees to Give Outstanding CX
  • Understanding What your Customers Need to Keep Them Coming Back
  • Using Automation the Right Way
  • Creating Your Brand with CX
  • How to make your CX like Amazon and Disney

 Our CX Experts are in the media, best selling authors...

helped countless companies and are here to help you too...

We were asked: "What make these people qualified to be called "Experts"?  ​Answer: "Because they get results that people want and are willing to pay a lot money for.  And you get them for free!

The experts

Jim Rembach

I help Contact Center & CX Leaders Unlock Emotional Intelligence Power in frontline, chatbots, employee experience.

Chip Bell

Senior Partner at The Chip Bell Group | Author | Keynote Speaker | Innovative Service | Customer Loyalty

Shep Hyken

Customer Service and Experience Expert, Keynote Speaker and Bestselling Author

Ron Kaufman

Customer Experience, Service Culture Expert, New York Times Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker, Educator, Consultant

Natalie Calvert

CX Leader & Coach | Board Advisor| Conference Speaker | Author | 200k+ cust serv & sales people, 100+ orgs

Steven Carleton

President, CustomerMatters | Former Head of Customer Experience @eBay | CustomerJourney Speaker | Passionate about CX

Tema Frank

Customer Experience Speaker/Consultant/Trainer/ Author of "PeopleShock: The Path to Profits When Customers Rule"

John DiJulius

International consultant best selling author works with companies like The Ritz-Carlton, Lexus, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Nestle, Marriott Hotel, PwC, Cheesecake Factory, Progressive Insurance, Harley Davidson, State Farm, Chick-fil-A & many more.

Ricardo Saltz Gulko - MBA, PMP, ITIL, CCXP

Founder & Managing Principal Company: Eglobalis - Global Experiences Customer Experience • Professional Services • Customer Success • By Design Thinking a Global Speaker, Executive & Strategist.

Shane Green

Founder & President of SGEi; Culture Hacker, Author, and Travel Channel Host

Pierrette Ashcroft

Want to Find Your Focus? I'll Show You How to Work Smarter With Productivity Techniques, Evernote & Strategic Workflows

Patricio Porras

Trainer & Speaker: I train and educate participants thru engaging & highly interactive workshops - Specializing in Strategic Sales & Service.

Noah Fleming

Customer Loyalty Expert. Author of two Amazon #1 Bestsellers, Evergreen & The Customer Loyalty Loop.

Andy Schulkind

I deliver customer-centric solutions that drive business growth and achieve ROI.

Bryan Eisenberg

Keynote Speaker, & NY Times Best Selling Author

Mike Wittenstein

Designing High-Touch, Low-Cost Customer Experiences To Increase Your Client Retention, Improve Market Share and Profits

Stan Phelps

Keynote Speaker and Workshop Facilitator at

Nick Bush

Helping companies put the customer at the heart of performance transformation

Marilyn Suttle

Customer Service Keynote Speaker | Communication/Human Potential Trainer | Bestselling author | Media Pro

Dr. Moshe Davidow

Service2Profit-Improving Your Business Performance | Customer Centricity, Service Quality+Internal, Complaint Handling
Adjunct Lecturer at Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Editor at Journal of Creating Value
Lecturer in Marketing and Services

Lee Tucker​

IVR Design Expert with over 25 years helping companies improve their IVR automation.

Lee Cockerell (Retired and Inspired)

Founder Lee Cockerell, Author of,Creating Magic,The Customer Rules,Time Management Magic; Career Magic ,

Colin Shaw

Founder & CEO | Customer Experience Thought Leader | Consultancy & Training | Keynote Speaker | C-Suite Network Member

John Spence

Top 100 Business Thought Leader & Small Business Influencer in USA - Top 500 Leadership Development Expert in the World

Jeff Toister, CPLP, PHR

Author. Consultant. Trainer. Passionate about customer service.

Jeannie Walters, CCXP

Veteran Customer Experience consultant, speaker, writer, trainer

Errol Allen

Customer Service Focused Operations Expert,
Consultant, Speaker & Author

Gerry Brown

Saving the World from Bad Customer Service - Customer Experience Specialist, Speaker on Customer Inspired Thinking

Jeanne Bliss, CCXP

Customer Experience Pioneer. Chief Customer Officer. Keynote Speaker. Executive Advisor. Author. Co-founder

Adrian Swinscoe

Customer Engagement, Experience and Service Consultant/Coach | Speaker | Author | Blogger & Forbes contributor

Annette Franz, CCXP

Employee & Customer Experience Optimization | Journey Mapping | CXPA Board Member | Author | Speaker

Paolo Fabrizio

 Social Customer Service I Author I Trainer I Speaker [ITA ENG SPA]

Adam Toporek

Customer Service Expert, Keynote Speaker, and Master Trainer | Rock your socks off presentations that are engaging, dynamic, and immediately actionable!

Marco P. Houthuijzen

Customer Care Manager, Sales Manager, Senior Customer Success Manager, Growth Hacker ★

Raul Guillermo Amigo

CX Crafter, Speaker, Author of the book "Beyond Customer Experience" "Más allá del Customer Experience" Universitat de Lleida

Don Peppers

Best-Selling Author. Keynote Speaker. Customer Experience, Marketing and Sales Thought Leader. Fun Guy.

Kristen Hartnagel


 Pat Porras

Speakers, Corporate Trainers and Consultants



 Expert Sessions

Meet the CX Success Summit Crew

Abraham Venismach

CX Success Summit Producer and Anchor,

 LinkedIn Group Owner, "Making Excellent Customer Service the Standard" 50K+ Members

Bat-sheva Venismach

CX Success Summit Co-Producer,

 Special Education Teacher

Steve Zannos

CX Success Summit Director

Sr. Director, Service Delivery at Electrolux, LinkedIn group owner "Customer Service Professionals" 150K+ Members

Shaun Belding

CEO The Belding Group, Best-Selling Author, Customer service expert, Acclaimed customer service keynote speaker, LinkedIn group owner "Customer Service Champions" 100K+ Members

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